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Wednesday, February 7

7:30am MST

8:00am MST

8:30am MST

Special Program: Connecting Teaching and Research Cotton Creek IIStephen Bajjaly • Rong Tang Session 1.3 - Juried Panel: Expanding the LIS universe: Implementing archival theory, practice, and pedagogy within the Catholic and social justice traditions. Standley IChristine Angel • Youngok Choi • Molly Hazelton • Patricia Ann Lawton • Cecilia Salvatore Session 1.1A - Juried Papers: Curriculum Development Life Cycle Approach to Data Science Specialization in LIS Education. Meadowbrook IIMarie Radford • Hammad Rauf Khan Session 1.1B - Juried Papers: Training Knowledge Creation Facilitators: The Alignment of Organizational Needs with LIS Expertise and Curriculum. Meadowbrook IIDarin Freeburg • Marie Radford Session 1.1C - Juried Papers: Team Science: Development of an Immersive Curriculum for Information Professionals to Play an Expanding Role in Scientific Collaboration. Meadowbrook IIMarie Radford • Suzie Allard • Danielle Pollock Session 1.2A - Juried Papers: You’re So Sensitive! How LIS Professionals Define and Discuss Microaggressions Online. Meadowbrook IKendra Albright • Nicole Cooke • Miriam Sweeney Session 1.2B - Juried Papers: Cyberbullying, Digital Citizenship, and Youth with Autism: Global LIS Education as a Piece in the Puzzle. Meadowbrook IKendra Albright • Amelia Anderson • Abigail Phillips Session 1.2C - Juried Papers: Teaching through Activism: Service Learning, Community Archives, and Digital Repository Building in MLIS Classrooms. Meadowbrook IKendra Albright • Elise Lewis • Travis Wagner Information Ethics SIG: Exploring the Boundaries of Information Ethics Cotton Creek IJohn Budd • John Burgess • Keren Dali • Emily Knox • Toni Samek • Ali Shiri • Cheryl Trepanier • Iulian Vamanu Innovative Pedagogies SIG: Curricula and Programs for the Expanding LIS Education Standley IIElysia Guzik • Jenna Hartel • Sulliman Hawamdeh • Deborah Hicks • Karen Miller • Anh Thu Nguyen • Lilia Pavlovsky • Rajesh Singh • Cheryl Stenstrom

10:00am MST

10:30am MST

12:00pm MST

12:15pm MST

12:45pm MST

2:00pm MST

Research Award, Methodology Paper Competition, Bohdan S. Wynar Paper Competition Cotton Creek II Session 2.3 Juried Panel: '"F*** That": Why Fake News and the Weaponization of Information are Good for LIS Standley IRenate Chancellor • Nicole Cooke • Shari Lee • Joe Sanchez Session 2.4 Juried Panel: Core & More: Examining Foundational and Specialized Content in LIS Programs. Standley IIEileen Abels • Lisa Hinchliffe • Charles Owen • Laura Saunders • Julie Todaro Session 2.1A - Juried Papers: Understanding Physical Activity in Public Libraries. Meadowbrook IAbebe Rorissa • Noah Lenstra Session 2.1B - Juried Paper: Health Literacy and Physical Literacy: Public Library Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities. Meadowbrook IAbebe Rorissa • Noah Lenstra • Ellen Rubenstein Session 2.1C - Juried Paper: Cultivating a critical thinking mindset among new information professionals in an era of “alternative facts”. Meadowbrook IAbebe Rorissa • Kevin Rioux • Rajesh Singh Session 2.2A - Juried Papers: Teaching User Experience (UX) in LIS Programs and iSchools in North America: Challenges and Innovations. Meadowbrook IIJune Abbas • Rong Tang • Jean Thrift Session 2.2B - Juried Paper: The Place of Reference Courses in LIS Curriculum in North American ALA Accredited Programs. Meadowbrook IIKendra Albright • June Abbas • Monica Colon-Aguirre Session 2.2C - Juried Paper: Developing Research Practitioners: Exploring Pedagogical Options for Teaching Research Methods in LIS. Meadowbrook IIJune Abbas • Nicole Alemanne • Lauren Mandel Gender Issues SIG: Is What you See What You Get? (Fake news and gender issues: Gender in visual image cataloging) Cotton Creek ILesley Farmer • Travis Wagner

3:30pm MST

4:00pm MST

Birds of a Feather Westminster I ALISE Conn@ct Grant: Addressing LIS Needs of Social Justice Organizations Standley IIClara Chu • Kendra Albright • Christine Angel • Karen Gavigan • Joyce Latham Session 3.3 Juried Panel: Will "Online" go the Distance? The Quality of Teaching and Evaluation in Online LIS Education Standley IJohn Burgess • Keren Dali • Shari Lee • James Vorbach Session 3.1A - Juried Papers: So Far Away: Expanding the Boundaries of LIS Education to Include Rural Students. Meadowbrook IJohn Budd • Elizabeth Burns • Jeffrey DiScala • Sue Kimmel Session 3.1B - Juried Papers: Expanding LIS Education in the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomacy Lab Program: GIS and LGBTI Advocacy in Africa and Latin America. Meadowbrook IJohn Budd • Christie Burwell • Taylor Hixson • Robert Partee II • Paul Lemieux III • Bharat Mehra • Keri Stophel • Nicole Wood Session 3.1C - Juried Papers: Expanding LIS Education Abroad: Opportunities and Strategies for Developing Global Study Programs. Meadowbrook IJohn Budd • Marie Radford • Renate Chancellor Session 3.2A - Juried Papers: Academic Libraries: Serving Hidden Communities Within the Academy. Meadowbrook IIMichael Widdersheim • Lenese Colson • Tracy Gilmore Session 3.2B - Juried Papers: Leveraging internal and external grants to promote curriculum development through collaboration and experimentation. Meadowbrook IIMichael Widdersheim • Mirah Dow • Andrew Smith • James Walther Session 3.2C - Juried Papers: Exploring Potential Barriers to LAM Synergies in the Academy: Institutional Locations and Publishing Outlets. Meadowbrook IIMichael Widdersheim • Mary Carroll • Philip Hider • Mary Anne Kennan • Jessie Lymn Historical Perspectives SIG: History and Theory, Past and Future: Understanding the Changing Ideals of Professional Service Cotton Creek IAnthony Bernier • Jenny Bossaller • Rachel Ivy Clarke • Chris Freeland • Joyce Latham • Ana Ndumu • Jennifer Burek Pierce Innovative Pedagogies SIG: STEM in Libraries: Opportunities and Alliances for LIS Educators in this Uncharted Territory Cotton Creek IIKeliann MG LaConte • David Lankes • Mary Stansbury • Mega Subramaniam

5:45pm MST